Posted on: 27. March 2018

Browser Mining

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What is Browser Mining?

With the rising popularity of cryptocurrency mining, there are new ways to be involved, including the recently launched Browser Mining.

In this mining style, cryptocurrency is not mined with specially developed Bitcoin mining software, but rather by using an Internet browser to visit web pages designed to run a script that automatically uses the power of the browser to mine the cryptocurrencies.

The advantage of this is that even people who are not very familiar with mining cryptocurrencies can easily participate. The disadvantage, however, is that only the resources of the browser are used and therefore, computer performance cannot be fully utilized.

Browsers are often very limited in their performance, so browser mining is not very profitable in many cases, but it is still advantageous that beginners can earn their first coins without any costs, leading to an easier entry into the world of cryptocurrencies.

Which browsers are suitable for browser mining?

One way to optimize the yield of browser mining is to choose the right browser. For example, a test at BaseMark showed that different browsers provided highly distinctive results.

Microsoft's browsers, such as Edge and Internet Explorer, performed poorly, which would logically result in poorer mining performance. The following browsers, on the other hand, performed particularly well:

Google Chrome: The first browser that scored well is also the world's most popular browser, Google Chrome. The browser is available on all major platforms, and in addition to its excellent speed, offers many more features than most standard browsers, such as its large selection of different add-ons and extensions.

Opera: Another browser that is almost as fast as Google Chrome is Opera. Though it has only a small market share of around two percent worldwide, it still scored well. An example of its versatility is the option to open WhatsApp Web in a sidebar of the browser. Furthermore, Opera protects against unwanted browser mining on websites.

Firefox: Firefox is a particularly popular browser in Germany. Although it cannot beat the other two browsers in terms of speed, it still performs very well in comparison to other browsers. In addition, the browser boasts many features that aim to improve privacy and security among users.

Browser mining providers

The offer of browser mining, in which the user receives part of the money himself, is still relatively limited. The most well-known providers are therefore the following websites: The provider is mainly known for giving away free Bitcoin every hour; however, also offers the option to run browser mining. This allows you to set the number of threads and the percentage of CPU power to be used to mine Bitcoins. When mining is started, the hash rates, the resolved hashes and the total Bitcoins earned are displayed.

CoinPot: CoinPot is above all known for providing a simple and clear wallet. Meanwhile, CoinPot also offers the choice for users to mine a variety of cryptocurrencies in the dashboard. You can set the intensity of the mining and the number of threads.

Alternative websites: Website operators also have the option of offering mining in the browser. This provides users with the opportunity to provide the power of their computer, if they are interested. The proceeds are then split with the operator, which can be supported for free.

Is browser mining worthwhile?

Whether browser mining is worthwhile is hard to say. On the one hand, it should be noted that the revenue from such mining is low.

The computer is not burdened as much as with traditional mining, therefore, how much the mining in the browser loads the CPU should first be checked in Task Manager. If there is little difference, mining in the background can be an easy way to mine a few coins.

It can also be a very easy way to earn your first cryptocurrencies and thus enter the market and participate in possible price gains.

If the mining overloads the computer so much that no other programs can be run, it is not recommended, since the effort is not only out of proportion to the yield, but the hardware may be at risk of being damaged.

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