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Bitswift Coin

What is Bitswift Coin?

Bitswift Technology Solutions is the development team behind Bitswift Coin. The focus of the team is on emerging technologies and their capabilities. All solutions created by Bitswift Technology Solutions are designed for business and residential customers. A clear focus is placed on the aspects of increasing productivity, profitability and fun.

At present, the team is still quite manageable but consists exclusively of technology experts who have been working for decades on the development of optimized software. In order to offer customers a special added value, the developers have very close contact.

On the one hand, this should improve the quality of the work, and on the other hand, allow the company to meet the demands of the market.

Who is in the team behind Bitswift?

The first team member is Ben Geiger, who previously worked at IBM and NCR. He started his education at St. Lawrence College and has been taking on important roles in sales, finance and health technologies since completing his studies. He joined Bitswift in order to put his wide variety of talents to use.

The next team member is Paul Busch, who is also responsible for founding Bitswift. He has been active in the industry for more than 20 years and has many contacts. He is currently involved with blockchain and VR.

The final team member is Patrick Stephens, who focuses on the customer side of the business. He brings more than eight years of experience in customer support to the table and has already been responsible for supporting several technology companies.

What solutions does Bitswift Coin offer for customers?

The developers divide the solutions offered into several business areas. The retail sector is the first business segment considered. In particular, sales and productivity should be sustainably increased by the use of Bitswift.

The reasons for this are tailor-made solutions, which are provided by the Bitswift platform. In particular, there are solutions for payment terminals, which are installed, configured and integrated into the network.

The equipment at the point of sale is also part of the scope of supply considered. To simplify purchase transactions, digital signature tools are provided. In addition, the platform offers services for inventory management.

Hardware and software sales, digital licenses, end-to-end encryption, implementations of crypto technologies and business administration are among the features offered in this area.

Furthermore, features under Fintech are offered. According to the developers, the focus is on increasing their own profitability through special financial technologies. These include features such as the provision of a digital trading platform and related services.

Investing based on blockchain technologies, classic hardware and software solutions from Fintechs, as well as ATMs for cryptocurrencies or digital currencies based on cryptography methods are part of the corresponding offer.

The focus on customer requirements to increase success

The requirements of the customers also play an important role for the developers of Bitswift Coin. The goal is to provide services that customers will ultimately benefit from.

For example, the platform offers catering software solutions, digital signatures, maintenance contracts for installed technologies, business network installations, server environment optimization, mobile device management applications and web security applications to increase long-term customer confidence.

The healthcare industry will also be given critical consideration, and new features will be offered. These include support for EHR and EMR. The installation of required servers, as well as the creation of digital security for the sensitive medical data, are within the scope of work. Furthermore, IT audits and reporting are offered, which should, above all, increase quality.

Furthermore, the local and internal applications are optimized so that the current technology is used to best effect. This includes an analysis of the website and email traffic, the improvement of existing hardware, and the automation of the same processes. The installation of sound systems, Wi-Fi networks, Internet connections via cable and camera systems are also offered.

Finally, small and medium-sized businesses are also addressed, using the latest technologies to cut costs. This includes customizing the design, providing up-to-date hardware to successfully deliver sales, solutions and support. The management of development environments, as well as the provision of mobile applications and security features are also offered.

Bitswift Coin as part of the platform

It should be noted that Bitswift is more than just Bitswift Coin. Rather, it is a complete platform that focuses on the needs of the customer. In order to be able to use the offered services, prospective customers will use Bitswift Coin. This is needed to conduct transactions within the network and offers investors a chance to participate in the success of the platform.

How has the market capitalization of Bitswift Coin developed?

Bitswift Coin was first traded on October 7, 2014, under the symbol SWIFT on the financial markets. Here, an issue price of 0.077098 US dollars was used, resulting in a market capitalization of 308,405 US dollars. As a result of the high starting price, there was a rapid halving of the value, which only broke out of the ongoing downward trend in March 2017.

Subsequently, the currency made an exemplary rally, which ended on January 12, 2018, with a market capitalization of 9.4 million US dollars. The price per token at this time was already at 2.32 US dollars.

No further data is known because the token was excluded from trading. This is mainly because there are no more markets. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the developers wanted to merge the token with another blockchain. In addition, the corresponding trading venue was blocked so that no further trading options are possible.

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