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Bitcoin-Raley: Bulls climb over 12000 USD mark

Bitcoin over important hurdle

The market leader is building on the performance of the previous weeks and the bulls are pushing the price above the important USD 12000 mark. But can the No.1 crypto currency confirm this level? As this mark comes to a landmark showdown, Chainlink has to record the first major dip after the brilliant bull run. Let’s take a look at what’s happening in the crypto space.

Bitcoin course current

After reaching a new high for the year (USD 12359), the leading crypto currency plunges to a price of USD 12027 in the evening. When the trend line at $12000 USD mutates into a new support area, the bulls can rely on stable support. On the upside, the next resistances are now at 12200 USD and 12400 USD. On Tuesday, the BTC trading volume will be around $26 billion, so the purchasing power should be enough for another attack.

Hours of Decision

Can the digital gold hold a price of over 12000 USD or not? This question is currently preoccupying traders around the world. Should the bulls continue to take over in the coming days, the BTC Dominance Index could continue to rise as investors focus primarily on the first mover. At the time of writing, the BTC Dominance Index is at 58.9%. The Altcoins have been shaking up the distribution of market shares for weeks and independent price breakouts have become more frequent.

What are the Alts doing?

Most of the Altcoins have to report losses in the single-digit percentage range on Tuesday. Ethereum (- 2.49 %) is trading at a price of USD 426.04 and a market cap of around USD 48 billion. Heading north, the next hurdles are USD 438 and USD 445. Downwards, the trend lines at USD 410 and USD 400 are the new support areas. After reaching new highs for the year, many investors are already keeping an eye on the magical $500 mark.

Chainlink – 13%

Chainlink has recorded the largest dump in the top 100 with a price drop of approx. 13%, but many indicators suggest that the “price drop” is merely a minor correction. In a rush, LINK shot up to position 5 on the crypto charts last week with a brilliant bull run. Currently, the price stands at the USD 16.39 level.

Basic Attention Token + 13

BAT conjures up a strong performance on the crypto parquet. The Brave Browser was developed by Brendan Eich, inventor of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox. With the Brave Browser, his goal is to provide a counterweight to the “broken web”. And this sometimes works very successfully. Users can earn BAT Tokens by watching advertisements. The power of decision in this system remains with the user. But the BAT system is also very interesting for companies and publishers. Wikipedia (since August 2019 Brave Publisher) also sees it this way.

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