Posted on: 13. April 2018

Bitcoin Price Index

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Which Bitcoin exchanges belong to the XBP?

The Bitcoin Price Index used to be written in short form XBP. The criteria for inclusion in XBP are: USD exchanges must serve an international client base. The exchange must provide a bid-offer spread for an immediate sale (ask) and an immediate bid (bid).

The minimum trade size must be less than or equal to $1,500 (9,000 CNY). The daily trading volume must meet the minimum requirements set. The Exchange must represent at least 5% of the total cumulative volume of 30 days for all exchanges included in the XBP.

The specified and/or actual time for the majority of fiat currency and Bitcoin transfers (whether deposits and withdrawals) must not exceed two business days. These are some major facts about the Bitcoin price index.

Currently, the following Bitcoin exchanges meet the criteria and are therefore included in the US Dollar XBP calculation: Bitstamp, Coinbase, itBit, Bitfinex. The following stock exchange is included in the Chinese Yuan XBP calculation: OKCoin.

How exactly is the Bitcoin price index (XBP) calculated?

The key features and criteria are as follows: the XBP is a simple average of the leading XBT/USD and XBT/CNY stock prices. The XBP is expressed as the midpoint of the bid/ask spread.

The XBP is updated every 60 seconds. If a stock exchange does not update its price for more than 30 minutes, it will be skipped in the live XBP calculation until the price is updated again.

The new historical index data began on 1 July 2013. Earlier index history data is accessed via Mt Gox.

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