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Mining and masternodes, a comparison

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Portfolio diversification with masternode pool

Getnode is one of the first and largest masternode pool providers in the world. The provider has been managing masternodes professionally for 2 years and automatically distributes the income every 14 days.

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From 2017 to 2018 we invested in various mining companies and ended up losing more than $50,000. Since then we have been looking for a more profitable and secure alternative and found it!
We have specialized in the extraction of Bitcoin through masternodes. On this page we will introduce you to the difference between Bitcoin mining and masternodes based on our experience.

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What do Bitcoin Mining and Masternodes have in common?

In both cases, crypto-currencies are generated in the form of block rewards and based on the transaction fees for the customer. In Bitcoin Mining, Bitcoin is generated directly; in Masternode Staking, the generated coins must first be sold on a trading platform at the current market value.

What are the differences?

With Bitcoin Mining you need special hardware, so-called “ASIC Miners”. A masternode can be operated on a standard virtual server from 1.99 Euro per month in a normal datacenter. You also need special cooling and extremely low electricity prices for mining, simply because the energy consumption is so high due to the “proof of work” procedure.

For masternodes, you must own a minimum quantity of the corresponding coins and thus legitimize yourself for participation in the governance process. Masternodes are services that perform special tasks in the blockchain and use the “Proof of Stake” procedure.

Summary of the advantages of masternodes

  • No high energy consumption
  • For some coins more than 100% return per year
  • If a coin drops, you can also sell it again
  • No expensive hardware acquisition
  • Daily returns based on block rewards
  • Increase in value of the masternode during operation possible
Mining Masternodes
Long-term orientation
Currently Profitable NO YES
Deposit bound forever YES NO
Yield in Bitcoin possible YES YES

Masternode Pool Provider

A masternode pool provider is a club that operates masternodes for you and distributes your capital among different masternodes. You don’t have to worry about anything and don’t need any technical expertise.

For example, GetNode distributes its members’ paid-in Bitcoin to over 40 different masternodes. In principle, this is like a diversified investment in crypto-currencies that also generates a return.

After 180 days, the Masternode Club then offers its members to have their current pool value (which can be higher or lower than the deposited Bitcoin) paid out again. Usually, however, one leaves one’s deposit in the Club to generate further returns.

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