Veröffentlicht: 19.09.2020

Bitcoin consolidated, Uniswap + 40

Market situation at the weekend

Bitcoin is consolidating just before the important USD 11,000 mark, while most of the Altcoins are posting losses. At the same time, Uniswap again conjures the best performance out of the Top 100 onto the crypto floor. After the launch, the share price explodes by over 500%. The first experts have long since been predicting a rapid jump into the Top 10, and we take a look at the market situation on Saturday.

Bitcoin in focus

Can the Bitcoin break through the resistance at USD 11000 on a sustained basis or not? This question occupies countless traders in these hours. The showdown at the 11000 USD mark also ensures that the BTC Dominance Index climbs to a value of 57.5%. In the past 2 days, the bulls failed with several attacks, but the ricochets were extremely mild. This is not least due to the fact that the trend line at USD 10800 has proven to be a reliable support. Should the bulls manage to jump above the 11000 USD mark, the next resistances are at 11200 USD and 11400 USD.

Uniswap moont further

The UNI Token keeps the crypto world in suspense, even two days after launch. With an impressive bull run, UNI already scratched the 9 USD mark on Saturday night. Currently, the DeFi-Coin has a price of 7.22%, which corresponds to a daily increase of 40.98%. Thus the Uni Token currently occupies position 31 in the crypto charts. For many DeFi fans, however, this is only the beginning. Thanks to the intelligent swapping protocol, the platform is very popular with millions of users and major listings on Coinbase Pro and Binance make the project even more popular. We are watching the development of the token with excitement!

What are the alternative assets doing?

Etherum and Co. have to report smaller losses on Saturday. The Smart Contract-Coin is down 1.49%, Polkadot has to take the biggest loss in the top 30 with a drop in price of 5.39%. On the other hand, coins such as NEM (+ 10.32 %), VeChain (+ 3.26 %) and Aave (+ 2.97 %) are attracting attention.

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