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Bitcoin before the magic border – The bulls get into position

Bitcoin with price gains on Thursday

Bullish news from the crypto space! The BTC bulls are hoisting the “digital gold” above the 19000 USD mark on Thursday and the alternative assets are moving with it. After reaching the new all-time high, the BTC previously bounced back several times against the 19000 USD mark, as the pressure of sales turned out to be a persistent burden. As a result, the bulls had to record sharp declines, which in turn caused uncertainty among many investors. The high volatility is fuelling fears of sharp falls. However, a jump over the 20 k mark could provide confidence. We take a look at the current market situation.

Bitcoin price on Thursday

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is quoted at 19376 USD, which represents a daily increase of 2.15%. This means that the bulls can initially confirm the jump over the 19k USD mark. At the same time, a 24-hour volume of approximately 31.3 billion USD speaks for the enormous interest of investors.

Here are the next resistances

From a bullish perspective, the next resistances are at 19400 USD and 19800 USD before the 20000 USD mark piles up in front of the No.1 crypto currency. It seems as if a certain respect is playing along here. Countless investors feel that an entry at around USD 20000 is overpriced, while others are reluctant to jump on “moving trains”. However, as usual, the current price is made up of supply and demand. Thus, many experts see the current record level only as an intermediate stage on the way to new spheres. Hardly any other asset was able to hold its own in the year of the coronavirus crisis in a similar way to “digital gold”. With the market entry of PayPal, the adaptation is being pushed forward at a rapid pace and the mainstream has long been reporting on the extraordinary rally of the “Satoshi” coin.

Bitcoin Dominance Index rises despite ETH 2.0 launch

Ethereum (+ 4.14%) has coped well with yesterday’s “sell the news” sales and is now approaching resistance at USD 620. Although the Smart Contract Coin is conjuring up the second-best performance of all Top 20 Coins (after Cardano) on the crypto floor, the big price jumps are not occurring. The historic price rally of the first mover initially puts the start of the Beacon Chain in the shade. This is underlined by a BTC Dominance Index of 62.8 %.

Winners on Thursday

Good news from Aave. With a 9.21% gain, the Decentralized Protocol reached a new record high of USD 92.91 on Thursday. Further down the line, projects such as Maker (+ 7.92 %), Compound (+ 20.65 %) and API3 (+ 52.42 %) are attracting attention.

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