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An Introduction to B3Coin

The goal of the B3Coin developers is to create a fair and transparent token distribution mechanism. To achieve this aim, they abandoned the traditional methods of implementing pre-mining phases.

In addition to this, the introduction of master nodes and the segregated witness protocol (SegWit) play an important role. Activating SegWit enables you to perform ultra-fast transactions. In fact, it will likely prove a pioneer in this area of online payments. No PoS coin has used this innovative technology in the past.

The B3Coin platform team actively develops various technological solutions and attracts new users. Among the developers are many talented programmers, designers and other specialists.

The Benefits of B3Coin

The obvious benefits of the B3Coin include:

  • The application of the payment system, Lightning Network. Thanks to this platform, the cryptocurrency has low commissions, instant payments and scalability.
  • Ease of use. You can look forward to the utmost convenience with B3Coin.
  • Proof-of-stake (PoS) protection. This algorithm is a dozen times faster and twelve times safer than the SHA-256 protocol used by Bitcoin’s blockchain.
  • Reliability of work. B3Coin is a fully decentralized, transparent and independent open-source currency supported by its community.
  • The growth rate is up to 10,000 percent. The service has become one of the most profitable of its kind on the market.

Further Features & Rewards

You can get rewards by helping to develop the site. The reward system has an upper limit of 80,000 units. Due to the abandonment of conventional phases, B3Coin applies other restrictive measures. After creating the required number of blocks, the protocol for burning additional coins begins, which can reduce their overall volume.

  • B3Coin boasts a high performance. Operations are performed almost immediately. On average, payments take no longer than a single minute. Receipt of funds occurs just as quickly.
  • Placement of tokens on several large crypto exchanges, including Cryptopia, CoinExchange and NovaExchange.
  • Active support of the community. The project team has pages on all main social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Availability of wallets for different operating systems, including Windows and Mac.

Plans for Further Development of the B3Coin

The integration of master nodes took place in the fourth quarter of 2017 (with approximately 82,000 blocks). They contribute to the security of the B3Coin blockchain, helping to stabilize the network and pay out a part of the profits. Dividends in the form of platform tokens were permanently transferred to the system.

The first quarter of 2018 (with approximately 97 thousand blocks) saw the introduction of simplified payment verification. The mechanism allows you to include the transaction in the block without loading the entire blockchain.

The application for Android devices was also introduced and allows users to send and receive money on the move. There are also plans to place the cryptocurrency on larger trading platforms, such as Bittrex.

For the 2nd quarter of 2018 (approximately 110 thousand blocks), there are plans to release the main update package for the B3Coin code, with which SegWit can be implemented and the network scaled.

A new version of the wallet for the supported platforms will be launched, an improvement of the digital currency buffer will be introduced with the introduction of additional functions and of course, SegWit itself will be realized.

B3Coin will be the first coin with PoS to make this technology compatible with the master nodes. In the future, the project team plans to introduce a decentralized service that will allow users to exchange cryptographic currencies or tokens without the need for a connection.

Important Points to Consider

Given the uniqueness of the B3Coin platform, the developers temporarily stopped commenting on their code on GitHub. This was because they don’t want others to copy the architecture and release the currency before they do.

Ambitions of the Project

B3Coin (B3) is a decentralized cryptographic currency. The developers’ goal is to create the most profitable and useful PoS coin in the world of cryptography. Many new developments are in the pipeline for this currency.

Everyday users are invited to join the development and help to create a community. The company has active developers, designers and support specialists who believe in the future of B3.

The Algorithm

B3Coin is a fast and secure currency based on the PoS algorithm, which is a dozen times faster and twelve times more reliable than that of Bitcoin and other coins using the SHA-256 algorithm. B3Coin is a decentralized, transparent blockchain with open source code that provides fast, reliable and secure transactions over a large network.

The B3Coin is a coin with one of the highest interest rates that have ever existed on the market. You can receive a reward by helping the project grow and to build the network.

In Conclusion

B3Coin is the first digital currency to combine the benefits of master nodes with SegWit’s innovative technology. The project employs experienced developers who are true veterans of the cryptocurrency sector. They have developed successful products and services over many years with a focus on decentralized platforms.

The service uses a unique hybrid PoS/PoW protection method. Thanks to this, transaction processing is twelve times faster and safer than with Bitcoin or any other coin based on the SHA-256 algorithm. Such an efficiency indicator will help create the basis of a truly revolutionary and mature digital currency.

Currently, B3Coin is the most active and profitable cryptographic currency based on the PoS algorithm.

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