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Autonio Coin

What is Autonio Coin?

Autonio Coin is an AI-driven trading robot and platform that aims to make knowledge gathered by high-frequency Wall Street traders available to the public. The Autonio Coin is the only allowed form of payment on the platform.

The company wants to stand out from the competition, especially in terms of handling and costs. The platform offers many advantages for both beginners and professionals.

The Team Behind the Autonio Project

Autonio is led by project manager Ali Raheman, an entrepreneur who has written a number of technology and medical technology patents.

Other key members of the team include Parth Darji (Technology Director), an expert in mixed reality; Michael Morton (Chief Financial Officer), best known for his work with GNEISS (Global Network Encryption Investment Security Service); and Mohideen Zakaria, the Head of Analytics.

The Goals of the Company

The cryptocurrency market is growing at a rapid pace. Interest in the market is strong and more and more new projects and currencies are continuously being published. Beginners can especially become quickly overwhelmed with the flood of information.

Autonio has developed a self-learning trading engine that allows trading, free of emotions. Users do not have to be professional traders to navigate the platform.

The effectiveness of artificial intelligence has already been proven. This technology is used in many areas, such as medical research, Wall Street, and agriculture, all of which, have benefitted from the predictions.

Algorithmic trading with so-called trading bots is a technique that uses pre-programmed software to analyze market actions, such as time, price, orders, and volume.

Of course, there are some differences between cryptocurrency exchanges and Wall Street, but the nature of trading is identical. Cryptocurrencies paired with AI-based trading are particularly interesting, as volatility can make trading very profitable.

Currently, there are many experienced programmers who create their own bots, and many users pay high membership fees to use the commercial bots.

However, this doesn’t necessarily make trading any easy for the user, as many platforms require users to be programmable or aren’t complex enough to track only specific pairings. Autonio wants to solve these problems with its platform.

The Autonio Platform and How it Works

Technically, the Autonio platform is based on JavaScript, PHP, and Ethereum Smart Contracts to securely connect the trading ecosystem. The decentralized, AI-powered trading robot is the core of the platform.

The robot is based on “years of knowledge from the automated high-frequency trading industry of Wall Street,” as explained by developers in a recent blog post.

It uses various market indicators to analyze cryptocurrency trends. Finally, the program uses this information to generate buy or sell signals and then executes the trades accordingly.

Another main goal of Autonio is to automate trading for individuals, regardless of their programming abilities. The bot is equipped with an easy-to-use GUI, which allows users without previous programming experience to easily benefit from the volatility of cryptocurrency markets.

Users can rent and purchase other users’ AI algorithms with Autonio Coin, or they can offer their own algorithms for purchase on the platform. Transactions between the parties are secured through smart contracts.

The most profitable AI optimizations are presented on a leaderboard, creating a constructive competitive environment. Beginners can learn from the knowledge that’s provided by experts and benefit from successful trading activities in two different ways.

Autonio’s Two Types of Predictive Models

Classification model: This predicts the direction of the change. That is, a prediction is made as to whether the price will be positive, negative, or unchanged.

Forecast model: In this variant of the classification model, a prediction for the specific price of a cryptocurrency is made. This approach is interesting for traders that want to set limits on buy or sell options.

Special Features and Advantages at a Glance

  • Autonio provides an easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require any programming skills.
  • It automatically combines multiple indicators into a single, clear buy or sell signal and then executes the trades as the user desires. In order to make quick decisions, Autonio uses several signals and indicators, including Exponential Moving Average (EMA) Crossovers, Relative Strength Index (RSI), Bollinger Bands, and Ultimate Oscillator. These indicators are popular with forex traders and Wall Street traders.
  • Users can personalize and optimize their trading strategies by combining the trade indicators in order to maximize their returns. Basically, users can design their own investment and divestment strategies and let Autonio do the rest.
  • The platform allows users to test each of their alternative strategies and choose the ones with the highest returns.
  • Autonio has an “Official NIO Trading Championship Leaderboard”, which displays the best trading strategies and promotes competition among the developers of trading systems.

Figures and Data on the Autonio Coin as of 2 August, 2018

The Autonio Coin is an ERC20 token. Over time, the company claims to have destroyed around 80% of the 256,000,000 total coins generated. This was intended to increase the value of the cryptocurrency over the long term.

Currently, there are 65,828,135 Autonio Coins in circulation. The total available volume amounts to 220,466,789 coins. The Autonio Coin has a market capitalization of $12,055,370 USD. The daily trading volume is $10,767 USD.


Autonio plans to bring AI-based cryptocurrency trading to a mass audience. The platform includes an easy-to-use interface, a competitive leaderboard, and easy access to a variety of trading strategies.

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