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Ark Coin

What is an Ark Coin?

Ark Coin is based on the Ark network. But what makes this cryptocurrency special?

Bitcoin brought the blockchain to the mass market, and Ethereum did the same for smart contracts. Altcoins also offer investors many special features, but for most, instruments for secure capital investment remain just wishful thinking.

The arrival of Ark should solve this problem. Ark’s team conducts active market research in order to provide investors with meaningful functionality. As a result, the special features Ark incorporates are designed to promote sustainable growth.

These features are implemented by so-called bridge-blockchains. These bridges do not affect the original blockchain, but should be regarded as an extension. The main goal of these enhancements is improved functionality for average users.

Developers distinguish between two critical aspects which improve the user experience. First, Ark Coin should provide a core technology which is fast and secure. Second, the services offered should be practical and focused on the needs of real people.

According to developers, Ark should not be just another cryptocurrency, but also a platform for the acceptance of cryptocurrencies. The Ark platform is deployed via a secure blockchain, which also uses decentralized technologies. This allows its full potential to be exploited in order to create a user-friendly platform.

Which ecosystem does the Ark coin offer?

Ark is not a typical cryptocurrency, but a platform with a particularly user-friendly focus. Here, developers are looking to leverage the development of new bridge-blockchains. This is to help the platform to meet future market challenges.

In addition, new use cases are constantly analyzed so that development is focused on new websites, products and physical distributions. These various components are intended to increase knowledge about cryptocurrencies and to promote their adoption.

An important feature of the network is its free scalability, which is secured via the functionality of bridge-blockchains. The nucleus of the platform is referred to as its Core.

This is permanently optimized by developers to ensure fast, secure and stable functionality. Tools are not only created for developers, but for users too. In addition, the platform will be promoting the use of physical cards as a means of payment.

The development of a peer-to-peer interplanetary file system is also part of the ecosystem. This is intended to process large amounts of data without affecting the performance of the blockchain.

The interplanetary database and interplanetary lined data, as well as the web-to-web-serverless webtorrent are also significant components of the Ark ecosystem.

Which company is developing the Ark coin?

Ark’s developers are known as the ARK Founder Team (AFT), more often simply identified as the Ark crew. The AFT assumes responsibility for the correct use of investments collected as part of the Token Exchange Campaign (TEC).

All investments are to be used exclusively for the further development of the blockchain, and for the development of bridge-blockchains. This activity includes analyzing special features which may have applications within other blockchains.

Many of these features can then be implemented as part of Ark Coin, and may also be suitable for everyday use. In principle, the entire platform is designed to benefit users, companies and developers. There is a special focus on startups, because they tend to employ highly innovative ideas.

The ArkShield program was developed to provide long-term platform security and incorporates a dedicated sustainability fund. This is intended to secure financing of the blockchain, so that the platform will continue to grow in the future.

What shared vision do Ark’s developers have?

According to the developer’s vision, Ark seeks to be more than just a platform and a cryptocurrency seeking consumers’ acceptance. It’s more a case that Ark wishes to establish itself by creating a swarm intelligence community.

This should drive forward future growth and acquire experts from various fields. But even the token behind Ark is crucial, because this allows the functioning of payment transactions.

Furthermore, Ark is not an independent block chain, but a network of different blockchains. Extended network functionality is provided by a technology called SmartBridge, which connects Ark’s blockchains with other blockchains.

This serves to generate updates and drive innovation of the Ark Coin. For example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lisk and other blockchains have already been connected to the Ark blockchain.

Another vision founders share is the development of an ultra-secure blockchain, because security is a prerequisite for acceptance and success.

User privacy is also consistent with this aim. Ark is to be understood as an anonymous network which, when necessary, guarantees users’ payment traffic complete anonymity.

What is the market capitalization of the Ark coin?

The Ark coin is also traded on the crypto markets under the ARK designation. March 22, 2017, was the first official trading day with an issue price at $ 0.032677.

This resulted in an initial market capitalization of $ 3.57 million. There has been a constant increase in value since the token has been officially traded.

By September 2017, market capitalization stood at more than $ 330 million. At the current time, the Ark coin is trading at a token price of $ 6.87. This represents a market capitalization of $ 672.88 million.

Furthermore, there are around 97.98 million tokens currently in circulation, and the blockchain upper limit is 129.23 million tokens. A proof-of-stake algorithm is applied to create new tokens.

This guarantees users of the Ark Coin an annual dividend and automatically increases the token amount. Daily trading is also an important parameter. This currently stands at around $ 11.5 million and predominantly consists of the trade between Ark and Bitcoin.

Important trading platforms are Binance with a 52.3% share of sales, and Bittrex which commands 42.5% of this market. In addition, the Ark token is also traded against other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

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