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Aeon Coin

Aeon Coin – the cryptocurrency that cannot be traced

The developers of Aeon Coin are proud of their digital currency, not only because they have attracted attention in a relatively short period after their development through targeted marketing but mainly because the coin has demonstrated high market potential from 2017 to 2018.

The highest price so far was reached on January 9, 2018, when an Aeon Coin was worth $8.99, and it is widely seen as a successful investment opportunity. But what else does Aeon have to offer?

Not a cryptocurrency, but a lifestyle

This is how Aeon Coin is described by the developers: they have taken the initiative to remove barriers. There are no rules in the game, as would be the case with banks or other institutions. This currency is based on pure calculation. At the same time, the price cannot be calculated or predicted in advance. There is more than simple mathematics behind it.

Aeon Coin is not suitable for those who are looking for a quick investment. It is not a means to an end for such things, since the high value came quite by accident. Rather, it rewards those who are willing to go to great lengths while mining. Those who have powerful hardware will reap rich rewards.

However, the goal is not to accumulate your own wealth, because Aeon Coin should benefit all people. As a decentralized currency, it should be globally recognized over time.

No instamining, no premining

Aeon Coin was launched on June 6, 2014. By that time, it was already clear that no premining and no instamining should take place. A transparent working method was used from the very beginning.

From the point of view of the developers, one can communicate as often as one wishes, for which the premining coins are used. So far, the strategy appears to be working. They also found a great deal of sympathy through this approach – a factor that is becoming increasingly important as a result of the creation of so many cryptocurrencies.

Technical details about Aeon Coin

Aeon Coin is based on the PoW scheme and uses the CryptoNight algorithm. There should be 18.4 million coins in total.

One block takes four minutes to be completely eroded. Thereafter, there is a varying amount of Aeon credited to the account. For this purpose, a mathematical formula is used that causes some goosebumps: (M-A) / (218) / (1012), where M = 264 -1 and A = the sum of the coin amount worked that day by the entire community.

After each block, the difficulty is recalculated, which is a common practice in PoW.

Aeon Coin: exchange or mines?

Aeon was canceled by Cryptopia, although it’s not clear why, as this the coin is represented on numerous other exchange platforms, including Bittrex, OTC and HitBTC. As a rule, trading takes place against Bitcoin.

There are various pools available for mining. A wallet is available for the 64-bit version of Windows. This is called AEOND.

The developers are still planning many add-ons

The development team consists of several people. There is one person dedicated to support, while a lead developer makes sure everything is working. There are still several vacancies available, but most of them are voluntary. Presumably, this is negotiable with the lead developer, and whether it is a paid role or not. If so, payment is expected to be in Aeon.

Aeon is not a profit-oriented organization. The team only employs people who are familiar with IT and cryptocurrencies. Some have an interest in financial matters, but mostly only to the degree necessary to program a digital currency.

Several future projects are planned in conjunction with Aeon Coin – among other things, a wallet that can also be used on mobiles, as well as the improvement of the signatures resulting from transactions. So far, Aeon Coin is on quite a high security level. However, as IT evolves on a daily basis, this should be the case with any cryptocurrency.

You can always keep up to date with various platforms, such as Twitter or Reddit. The developers at also have their own website. It is the central contact point for all downloads.

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