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What does AdvCash mean?

The Advanced Cash Payment System (AdvCash) is a combination of a payment platform and an electronic currency in one system, offering the following services: money exchange, transfers to a registered plastic card of the company or to any Visa or MasterCard card, and withdrawal of money in BitCoin.


In addition, the company’s development plans include projects to build functional applications for Android and iOS. These projects aim to send payments to customers’ wallets and accept payments to make them more comfortable with the new technology.

The Advanced Cash card allows you to make purchases online, pay for purchases, and withdraw money from ATMs with the lowest commission. What’s more, you can now supplement AdvCash with almost all electronic deposit options.

You can, for example, easily transfer money from Perfect Mini and other popular payment systems. Once you have been issued with an AdvCash card, you will receive 12 months of free service from the company.

Another advantage is the fact that shopping online will occur at no commission or fees at all. Perfect for fans of online shopping! THis is one further proof that the cryptocurrencies are getting more and more accepted for payment.

Also, withdrawing cash from ATMs is very convenient – although every time you withdraw money from a worldwide ATM, a fee of $2 will be deducted.

There are also restrictions on withdrawals from the Advanced Cash Bank Card. The limit for withdrawing money from an ATM is set at $3,000 a day and $90,000 a month.

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