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adToken Coin

The ambitions of adToken Coin

adToken Coin is a cryptocurrency. Ads are the future of marketing – at least if you are in the realm of the Internet. They’re crucial to business. Thanks to the constant innovations in search engine algorithms and accuracy, target groups can be more precisely targeted.

The so-called scattering factor, which is a major problem for advertising agency budgets, is thus kept to a minimum. If a new food for babies is to be advertised, it is not single men who receive this advertising.

Rather, it’s those people who are specifically looking for such products who are targeted. Unfortunately, online marketing carries a high risk of fraud. The adToken Coin and its overarching project, called adChain, addresses exactly that point.

How can fraud be committed?

Online advertising is not limited to integrated banners and advertisements. In recent years, it has become a popular occupation to earn money through social media channels and blogs. Traffic is always an important factor here.

In other words, this means the number of monthly visitors. The more often a page is called up, the higher its value becomes. In order to achieve a maximum profit with a site or social media channel, site owners often employ bots.

It is obvious that this is not a legal way to progress – at least not if money is earned with the respective site or social account. This represents unfair competition. The gray area of such cases is extremely large. Nowadays it is difficult for companies to find a partner and make sure that this does not happen. The adToken Coin project is an instant remedy for this difficulty.

How does the adToken Coin project work?

The adToken Coin project is a platform based on different interoperable protocols. These in turn are based on the blockchain, which is already in use with Ethereum. The adChain Registry is a list that shows all advertising partners who deserve unconditional trust.

Because this list and the adToken coin itself are administered in a decentralized manner, no individual has overall control of protocols. This means that an entry cannot be falsified.

The reason for such fraud is the lack of transparency regarding visitor numbers. The adChain does not have access to this either, for various data protection reasons. However, it is possible to define within a community where the trust must end. This can be done, for example, through positive online experience; for example, by collaborating with a blogger to make some purchases.

What does adToken Coin have to do with the project?

The cryptocurrency is only part of the bigger picture. The platform surrounding this project is to be expanded with further applications and modules called DApps. This will be of great interest to the advertising industry. With some of them, adToken Coin integration can be found. First and foremost, in order to be able to use these services, the creation must also be financed.

adToken Coin is a composition of different business groups. These include ConsenSys, MetaX and DMA. This group is called the adChain Association. Some 200 million coins are reserved for MetaX, as well as for ConsenSys.

There will be a total of 500 million in all. This means there are still 100 million left over. These leftover coins serve as an investment for various pre-sales activities. These will finance later developments.

No mining; all trading

adToken Coin is not a cryptocurrency that can be mined. It is therefore of particular interest to traders. As the currency is well established in the advertising sector, it should continue to achieve a high value in the future.

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