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ADA and DeFi-Coins with enormous price increases!

Cardano marches on

It’s the Altcoin of the hour! With a respectable bull run of about 14%, Cardano positions itself on position 9 in the crypto charts. Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson repeatedly emphasizes that Cardano is on a whole new level in terms of code. With the upcoming Shelley update, the third-generation Blockchain wants to set remarkable standards in terms of scalability, interoperability and sustainability. In these hours the community is looking forward to the long awaited “Cardano Virtual Summit 2020”.

Cardano Virtual Summit 2020

The list of participants of the event is full of renowned speakers from the block chain and IT sector. ADA CEO Charles Hoskinson, Google Chief Internet Evangelist Vinton G. Cerf and Wolfram Research CEO Stephen Wolfram will be among the speakers. The community is eagerly awaiting the presentation of Cardano’s new multi-asset standard. Under this link you can register for the event in advance. The event starts at 4 pm.

Cardano course in detail

At the time of writing, Cardano is trading at a rate of approximately USD 0.095, which represents a 24-hour increase of 8.75%. This puts ADA currently in 9th place in the crypto charts. Yesterday, the “coin of the hour” even managed to jump to position 8 in the meantime. From a bullish perspective, the USD 0.10 limit is now once again moving into the bulls’ sights. One can be curious about future developments from Cardano. With the enormous bull run in Q2, the Altcoin showed that encapsulation from the first mover is still possible.

Bitcoin course: Bulls pull back

After the bears were successfully pushed back at the USD 9200 mark, several indicators suggested that the bulls were gaining strength again. However, yesterday’s bullish trend should end at the $9300 level. The low purchasing power of investors (24 hour volume: USD 15.89 billion) continues to prevent stronger breakouts. For weeks now, the market leader has been oscillating in the range between USD 9000 and USD 10000. Volatility has fallen noticeably and investors are increasingly looking to the traditional markets.

Resting period in crypto space?

Risk-affine traders mourn the highly volatile market phases of these days. Price eruptions in the double-digit percentage range are a real rarity, and Bitcoin is finding its place in the “post-halving” period. What for some analysts is a sign of disinterest, could in reality be a step in the right direction. On the one hand, traders are currently having to say goodbye to “moon” calls and “x20” calls. On the other hand, the incipient price stability could provide more security for new investors.

DeFi is pumping

The DeFi-Coins form a contrast to most other crypto currencies. Loopring (+ 9.31 %), Kyber (+ 18.71 %), Synthetic Network (+ 10.21 %) and Bancor (+ 23.1 %), for example, recorded strong upward movements on Thursday. The DeFi market continues to grow and is not being unsettled by minor disturbances (hack attacks).

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