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Action in the Top 10 – Will the cards be reshuffled?

Old coins provide for action

The market leader is setting the foundation for an attack on the important USD 12000 mark on Saturday. The slow touching of the bulls shows how persistent this trend line really is. At the same time, the Altcoins are diligently changing positions. A picture made possible by the sinking BTC dominance. More and more often we see price jumps in the double-digit percentage range. But one after the other …

Bitcoin course in detail

At the time of this article, the No.1 crypto currency is at a rate of 11862, which corresponds to a daily gain of 0.45%. Currently, many investors are asking only one question: When can digital gold break through the USD 12000 mark in the long term? In the short term, the bulls pushed the price into these spheres several times in the past few days, but the puff was not enough. As a result, the BTC shot south, sometimes violently. Should the coming attack be crowned with success, the next resistances would be at 12100 USD and 12400 USD. On the downside, the next support lines are at 11800 USD and 11600 USD.

Chainlink booms once again

Chainlink sets up one all-time high after another and rewards itself with the 5th position in the crypto charts. Also on Saturday the Oracle-Coin conjures another exceptional performance on the crypto floor with a price increase of 16.50%. At the moment LINK is at a price of 19.47 USD and a market capitalization of approx. 6.8 billion USD.

Position changes in the top 10

After Ripple celebrated a comeback on the podium a few days ago, a lot has happened on the places of the pursuers. Due to the respectable Bull Run LINK extends the cushion to the Bitcoin Forks. Bitcoin Cash is already over USD 1.1 billion behind the coin of Sergey Nazarov. In addition, on Saturday EOS makes the leap back into the top 10. With a daily gain of 14.87%, EOS also records the second-highest share price increase in the 100th trading day.

Bitcoin Dominance Index remains below 59

Even today we can observe a comparatively low BTC Dominance Index of 58.6 %. More and more investors are switching to alternative assets, which attract with new technologies and high price gains. The DeFi market serves as a promising financial market with innovative business areas. More and more often the Altcoins can break away from the first mover these days and can show independent peak performance. In 2018, the Dominance Index suddenly plummeted, with the result that countless Altcoins literally exploded. The question is to what extent the alternative assets have grown in the past 2 years.

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